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architecture & eco design consultancy


Help Finding and Hiring an Architect or Design Team

We can help you decide whether and how to select and hire an architect or a whole design team for your project. We can help with developing a  brief and scope, and also guide you on budget and process. Difficult, unique and cutting edge project are of particular interest


We can help with with fee negotiations and terms of appointment and later can act on your authority to help you get the building you want while  staying focused on your core business. .

over 20 years design and architecture expertise available to you

For over 20 years Brian T O Brien has been at the forefront of professional architecture and sustainable and eco design in Ireland and further afield.


Since 2018 has been available as a consultancy for clients worldwide. Let us help you envisage, create and develop cutting edge projects that make lives better. 

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Architectural Design

We can help you achieve your grand vision. We bring decades of design leadership, endless creativity, curiosity and patience to the unique question that is your project. Design is our passion.

Design Reviews and Improvements

We provide a design review service where we can evaluate and help improve a design done by others.


Often a second pair of eyes bringing fresh perspective can take the project to a new level. From a design for a new house to reviewing your current home or building's layout, we can suggest ways to  make them better.  

Get In Touch

Brian T O Brien
MRIAI registered architect

+353 87 2357530

About is a design consultancy managed  by Brian T O Brien architect, founder of Opoplan and  previously director of Solearth Architecture. Solearth is the trading name of Open Plan Design a limited company registered in Dublin, Ireland. 

We have no  connection with the Chinese company operating the domain 

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