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Daylight Analysis

Daylight, Sunlight and Overshadowing Analysis
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Our Daylight, Sunlight and Overshadowing  Expertise

Our DSO analyses are personally carried out by director Brian T O Brien MRIAI. With a Masters in sustainable architecture (2009) from the University California at Berkeley, experience with UCDs Energy Research Group, 20 years lecturing on sustainable design at TU Dublin School of Architecture and two decades leading  research /analysis and design projects at prestigious Irish sustainable design practice  Solearth Architecture, I am more than qualified to provide best in class analysis in all aspects of daylight and sunlight for your projects. 

In comparison to engineering led evaluation, my unique mix of expertise in both solar geometry and architectural design and my knowledge of how building regulations affect design outcomes allows me offer you more flexibility, greater insight in interpretation as well of course as measurably accurate results.   

My Approach

Working from your brief and operating at levels of detail appropriate to your design stage, I analyse each space or type in your scheme  for it's daylight factor, vertical sky component, annual probable sunlght hours and illuminance level as appropriate, both before and after the development. 

My evaluation is of course grounded in the methodologies set out in  Site Layout Planning for Daylight and Sunlight  and Guide 209  by the BRE, IS EN and apartment design standards, as well as recent case law in Ireland. It will provide you with actionable insight mid stage as well as accurate final results set out in a professional report suitable for submission to planning authorities.


I analyse  daylight behaviour of the development both on itself and neighbours and utilise the progressive  evaluation methods  outlined by Littlefriar for sunlight availability. Overshadowing analysis is done using 3d digital models simulated at standard times and dates throughout the year across the project and, as required, adjacent properties.   

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All my analysis utilises  proprietary analytical software applied to 3D BIM models of the scheme. The models may be provided by you (in Revit only) or can be generated by ourselves. 


The software I use has been validated by the BRE for accuracy. 

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